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Frens Validator builds infrastructure on various Proof-of-Stake Chains and provides staking integrations for institutions and individual investors.your cryptocurrencies with Frens today!

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Our Cosmos Staking Tool that automatically reinvests your rewards, helping you increase e.g. your Osmosis APR from 13% to 16% APY and maximize your staking returns effortlessly.

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Frens Validator has established itself as a crucial contributor and supporter of Web3 events, particularly in the Cosmos ecosystem. Our unwavering commitment to the advancement and adoption of decentralized technologies has earned us a reputation as a reliable and active participant in the community. As a core contributor to Cosmoverse, the largest Cosmos-focused conference, we have played a critical role in shaping the discourse and direction of the ecosystem. We also support smaller events, such as the Validator Meet-Up at Cosmoverse in Medellin in 2022, or the Web3 night in Berlin, in early 2023.

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Cosmoverse 2023

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Learn about crypto fundamentals and everything that is happening within the cosmos ecosystem as well as the broader crypto space. With our easy to understand videos or deep dive episodes, you will learn about all exiciting new projects as well as yield opportunities.

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